Dispute and Chargeback Prevention Solutions

Failure to prevent a chargeback lost U.S. merchants over 1.32% of revenue according to a study by LexisNexis. On a large scale, this equates to billions of dollars lost. But the cost of not having chargeback protection not only affects a business’ bottom line, but it also leads to increased costs and decreased reputation with your customers and your bank.

Binary Gateways has partnered with the Chargeback Gurus to help put a stop to this.

With a mitigation suite designed to help you detect, track, and resolve disputes, you can sleep easily knowing your merchant account is no longer at risk.

Automatically Detect Disputes

Utilize the largest alert networks to detect chargebacks as soon as they happen. Prevent up to 25% of chargebacks simply by setting up alerts on your merchant account.

Fight and Win Chargebacks

Our industry expertise will make fighting and winning chargebacks a breeze. By integrating our system with your CRM and payment processor, we'll help you win up to 70% of disputes.

Analyze Business Vulnerabilities

By being able to identify the root causes of the chargebacks and pinpoint where they came from, you can take action to mitigate those risks before more disputes come in.

Ready to Get Started?

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Alerts by Type

See alert tracking based on the type of card, month, and location that the chargeback took place.

Instant Notification

Get notified of issues and chargebacks instantly with alert notification on your phone and through your email so you can take action early and settle it before the bank does.

Ultimate Chargeback Defense to Prevent Disputes

Merchants who partner with us receive a comprehensive, multi-layer approach that identifies and mitigates chargebacks and their common risk factors. It provides insight on how to avoid chargebacks by:

  • Putting all of your data on a single platform to allow for efficiency
  • Enabling real-time merchant alerts starting from the initial dispute
  • Responding to customer disputes and monitoring them to resolution
  • Reporting in real-time so you can take proactive measures
  • Preventing alert analytics that can identify future chargeback trends