Best Ways To Reduce Chargebacks | Payment Guru

Best Ways To Reduce Chargebacks | Payment Guru

Best Ways To Reduce Chargebacks | Payment Guru

Best Ways To Reduce Chargebacks Payment Guru

What are chargebacks?

Chargebacks were created to provide protection to credit and debit card holders which allows them to return their funds when something didn’t happen when they didn’t get their money back promptly or if unanticipated charges are added to the purchase.
The idea behind them was to encourage customers to use cards when they were not a standard payment method and to encourage card buyers to join reliable merchants.
Particularly, a chargeback is the reverse of a credit or debit card transaction. Contrary to normal refunds in which the consumer is the person who requests a return when in the instance of a chargeback, it’s the bank of the customer that receives the funds on behalf.

Top ways to reduce chargebacks

Because chargebacks are intended to safeguard consumers, it might be difficult for your company to completely eliminate them. But, there are methods to reduce chargebacks you receive.
Send Confirmation Emails

One of the most effective ways to decrease chargebacks, particularly in the case of a high risk account such as a Cbd merchant account is by sending confirmation emails to customers. These emails should contain an exhaustive list of the items they purchased, the total cost of the purchase, including shipping charges, as well as any tax charges that might apply (e.g. VAT, VAT).
If you provide the delivery date or other information in the email, be sure that it’s correct. If not, there’s the chance of confusion when customers begin tracking their orders from home and discover discrepancies in the information contained in the mail.

Provide An Easy Return Policy

Chargebacks can be a difficult pill to swallow for those in the eCommerce business. They’re costly and lengthy and can damage your business’s reputation with its customers. In addition, there are typically significant fees that go along with these charges. To reduce chargebacks being charged to your Cbd merchant account you have to take into consideration how you deal with returns in your store’s policies.
If customers don’t love their purchase or make a change of mind regarding an order prior to receiving it, they can contact customer service. They then offer the buyer two alternatives. They may either return the item and receive full reimbursement, with shipping charges included, or provide a replacement product that is more suitable to the requirements of their customers (or alternatively, something completely different).

If this procedure is clearly explained right from the beginning and you’re aware of it, you’ll be less likely to experience the possibility of a chargeback.
What should you do to ensure your customers are aware of the returns policy?
If you are listing products on your shop and adding these items to the customer’s shopping cart, be sure to mention the time period they’ll have before returning the item to the original purchase price (so when it’s within 14 days of placing the purchase, they can get the cashback).
Please include this information on receipts to ensure there is no confusion when the customer wants a refund on something. You can also notify them via email or phone once the item is delivered.

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Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

The customer service department is essential to keeping customers. A top-quality product experience can be more effective than trying to pressure customers to buy something else.
It’s essential that customer service representatives be warm and welcoming when they answer phones or respond to chats on the internet. If they’re rude, it will increase the chances that someone will decide to cancel their subscription as they’ll interpret this as a sign of not receiving a solution in the event of an issue regarding billing. Additionally, your Cbd payment processing or any other payment processing must be quick.

Reach Out To Customers That Make Suspicious Orders

It is easy to tell if an order is suspect when the buyer made a purchase but has insufficient or no contact information. You might want to call and request more details regarding these purchases to ensure the legitimacy of your customers and also safeguard your business from fraudulent transactions. This can be done by confirming that the details on their credit cards have been provided in good faith at the point of checkout.


Chargebacks can eat away at your profits and put you in with debt fewer chances of recovering financially. It is essential to integrate chargeback prevention into your overall marketing strategy and take the appropriate steps to stop them from happening at every cost. These simple steps can be helpful.

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