Start Your Sex Toy Business Today: Know How To Sell It

Start Your Sex Toy Business Today: Know How To Sell It

Start Your Sex Toy Business Today: Know How To Sell It

Knowing the fact that this world is growing day by day still there are some segments where selling sex toys is still under the red mark. People want to grow in every field but this industry is on the dark side of the world. Still, according to the recent prediction selling sex toys in the market will grow from 2019 to 2026, from being valued at 28 billion to 52 billion. For over the past few years there has been an increase in this segment. If starting a sex toy business due to the market growth there is a comprehensive overview of how to sell the most intimate of products.


Know-How To Start Sex Toy Business

Due, to the increase in the popularity of fifty shades of grey,365 Days. Wex toys have seen an amazing jump in their sale for over 400 percent. These movies have influenced so many girls so much that a recent survey has seen an increment in the purchase of sex toys by women itself. And this boom is unlikely to taper off any time soon with the growing interest in sexual wellness and rise in sex tech start-ups.

Below, look into the following factors and guide to launch your sex toy business into the market. Looking into these factors will not only clear your way but will give you immense success in your field.


Building A Brand

Building a brand in such a competitive world looks very hardworking process. Hence it is a tuff task. Building a brand that is already a question on youth mindset is difficult to understand. Sometimes, this topic may be a traumatic thing to some girls or boys, but at the same time, this topic will be very pleasurable to a few of them. Understanding the youth’s mind is the most difficult task nowadays. You need to target every sector of people with a different mindset.

What is in trend nowadays? Sex is not only about talking or having it. It is about someone’s self wellness and self-care. Of course, the feminist thread is still in the conversation which keeps on discussing the sexuality and equality stance. However, as generations continue to redefine what sex means to them, the branding options continue to change. With the increase in sextech start-ups will eventually land upon tech-savvy solutions to pleasure.

Category to Sell Sex Toys Online 

There is two main categories in which you can sell your products online  :


  1. 1. Pleasurable Gadgets


This category includes vibrators, pulsators, anal beads, penis rings,  butt plugs various massagers, dildos,  and other various products reasoned for penetration and/or genital stimulation.


  1. 2. Experience Enhancement –


This category includes costumes, clamps, gags, handcuffs, paddles, ticklers, and other products not directly stimulating the body.

It’s not only up to these products there are many massage oil, condom and toy cleaner and many lubricators which are considered to be used and give a huge demand of these as well.


Selling Sex Toys: Always Hit The Business Chart

Looking into the past few years’ graphs there has been a huge gender acceptance in the world. As of now like LGBT group has also considered living their own life independently with their loved ones. Let, take a look at how commercialization has brought the world close by changing the perception and the availability to purchase the product in-store and online.


As we discussed above, the launch of fifty shades of grey and 365 days in recent years has changed the perception of the people. People have left their narrow mind thoughts and love to enjoy their sex life than before. Hence, We can see how the porn industry has declined and there is an increment in the purchase of sex toys.

According, to a survey held in the U.S, Vermont stands 1st  in position in bedroom purchasing items. Whereas geographic factor matters a lot Likewise  U.S is the bestseller of dildos. On the other hand, Germany, Australia, and the U.K are the highest sellers of vibrators. A growing acceptance of gender and lifestyle differences in everyday life has allowed this advancement in the bedroom as well.

With all of this growth, people are going to expect certain standards to be met, like any other industry: better prices, higher quality, and more convenience.


How to Sell Sex Toys Online

One of the best examples in recent time is during COVID-19 where  Adam and Eve. One of the most well-known, established retailers of sex toys, saw a 30 % increase in their online sales in March and April 2020.

If you are giving this thought again and again whether to open a retail shop or not then defiantly you should choose the online segment. The reason being shy people tend to buy products online rather than feeling awkward by purchasing them by going to the store. It will not only eliminate rent for a commercial space. You significantly reduce start-up costs. Another benefit of selling adult toys online is that it circumvents issues you could face if your storefront is deemed unavailable to customers. This could be due to inclement weather. Events such as parades or rallies, or health emergencies.


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Know Selling Sex Toys Online Is Legal Or Not?

The answer is yes, You can sell sex toys online.

A series of Supreme Court decisions in the 1960s formally legalized sex shops. While the federal government doesn’t have the power to regulate the sale of sex toys. State and local governments may regulate and even ban the sale of these products. Alabama, for example, passed the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998, which criminalized the sale of sex toys.

Below is a list of various elements that must comply with the legal regulations of selling adult toys.




There are few states or regions where marketing is prohibited through mailing and internet images. The owner has to educate him/herself about the laws and regulations of the current region they are working in so it’s an easy foot for them to put forward.


Product Packaging


The packaging matters a lot. Yes, it’s true and one needs to follow the government rules as per the rules the packing should be descriptive so it should only describe the product beautifully but not in a vulgar sense. In regards to selling sex toys online, it’s common practice that the shipping packaging is discreet and inconspicuous. Mainly people always prefer buying this stuff online what if you deliver this product with a bad description at their home without privacy this will hinder your sale as well.


Product Name 


One should choose its product name wisely so that they can supply products to remote areas with different synonym names of the brand. A product’s name could potentially jeopardize its legality. For this reason, many merchants name vibrator products “massager” as opposed to “vibrator.” This is a method by which merchants may sell vibrators in locations where the sale of such is banned. If you’re planning on naming a product such as a vibrator a “massager,” it’s best to consult a legal expert.


Material And Design


All the products should be hygienically good and should meet the standards of the government.  Given that the nature of these products is that they come in close proximity to or penetrate the body, following safety standards is extremely important.  ISO 3533 dictates standards for “products in direct contact with the genitalia, the anus, or both.” If you’re interested in how to sell sex toys in a manner that complies with laws, it’s best to seek counsel from a law expert.


Securing Your High-Risk Adult Merchant Account.

This industry tends to have more percentage of chargeback’s and frauds and it is considered as a high-risk merchant account. This nature of the business tends to charge more amount of fees and frustrating process to deal with. To process credit cards and online transactions so you can be properly compensated for providing your sex toy products, you’ll need to find a payment processor that supports selling adult products and services.



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