How Does Good Payment Gateway Work?

How Does Good Payment Gateway Work?

How Does Good Payment Gateway Work?

How Does Good Payment Gateway Work?

Yes, you can fertilize your business too, not by giving water but by providing it good and secure payment gateway. Choosing your business is easy but providing it all across the world securely is a must. For example, you provide fabrication materials online and your requirement is to sell across the country. But to make it happen you need to have a secure payment gateway. A credit card payment gateway does this. However, not all payment gateways are the same and you need one that fits your business needs. Read on to learn everything you need to know about credit card gateways and how they work.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Transferring and capturing the payment data from the customer to the acquirer a basic routine is known as a payment gateway. This service is usually provided by the merchant. Here, the payment gateway usually offers secure payment processing. If this payment gateway is not secure then the merchant and the customer have to face a big loss by leaking their information through the hacker’s hands. A high-quality payment or credit card processor will stop these types of attacks from becoming successful .This is crucial to protect your business as well as the trust your customers place in you.

The trade off is that online transactions can be vulnerable without proper fraud prevention .As mentioned, having a secure credit card payment gateway will help keep your customer’s information safe. As mentioned, having a secure credit card payment gateway will help keep your customer’s information safe.

Know How Payment Gateway Process Works .

  • The customer inputs the details of their credit card (Or the card is swiped, tapped, or dip their cards in physical places)
  • The gateway captures the cardholder information and encrypts it to transmit it to the payment processor
  • The payment processor communicates with the card-issuing bank who either approves or declines the transaction/li>
  • The payment processor notifies the gateway owner of the authorization or decline/li>
  • Credit card gateway gives the transaction originator the decision. If the transaction is approved, the amount comes from the customer’s account and goes to the merchant’s bank account./li>

Online transactions go through a few different security protocols before a customer’s credit card data goes to the payment processor. These layers of protection include Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


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Payment Gateway v/s Merchant Account

Allowing funds from the customer’s bank to go into your merchant account once a transaction clears. Credit card gateway as a link between a customer’s bank and your merchant account.

Hence, A merchant account is an account that collects information about payment transactions. That means that as a business, your funds are held there. After payments are verified, the funds then go directly to your business bank account.

Know the Difference Between Payment Gateway and Payment Processor.

A payment processor is a company that handles transaction so that your customer can buy your products. That means the payment processing company communicates and relay information from your customers credit card or debit card to both your bank and your customers bank. If there are enough funds in your customers card and its valid , the transaction will go through ,this whole process happens in fraction of seconds.

You’ll need to set up a merchant account to accept credit card transactions, whether you own a physical shop or do your selling online. But you need a payment gateway to link your store’s shopping cart or online form to handle online transactions.

How to Choose a Secure Payment Gateway

After knowing the proper working of payment gateway now, you need to choose the perfect and secure payment gateway to expand your business and blindly trust your payment gateway. Here are a few things that you should consider when deciding on a payment gateway solution for your business:

  • Decide which type of gateway will suit the needs of your business
  • Review the account fees, charges, etc. for each solution
  • What facility they are providing?
  • How easily does it make checkout on different devices?


Is your Payment Gateway pocket-friendly?

Batch fees.There are many gateways in the market that floats unnecessarily and charge high costs. A merchant should look into this very closely. As there are many fraudsters and hackers who keep a close eye on your business and your accounts.
The cost of an internet payment gateway varies from provider to provider. Each may have different fees associated with transactions. Some possible charges include:

  • Monthly account fees
  • PCI-compliance fees
  • Membership fees
  • Initial setup fees
  • Refund/chargeback fees

When choosing the best payment gateway service it is important to evaluate the fees carefully.

Expert thoughts

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