How To Sell CBD Online

How To Sell CBD Online

How To Sell CBD Online

CBD business has always been under the surveillance of the government. Hence, its ill effects on the coming generations have led the government to impose few restrictions on the suppliers. In the past few years, doctors have seen some incredible benefits of using CBD oil for medical purposes. But still, this business is considered a high-risk business. Due to its high-risk nature suppliers may find difficulty in searching good and secure payment gateway and may find difficulty in opening CBD Merchant Account. This article will help you to look into this industry from a broader perspective.


Know what is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol, a type of cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This naturally extracted chemical is useful to relieve chronic pain and other ailments. A few pharmaceutical companies are making medicines to make proper medicines out of CBD. People have found out few usages of it and trying to get more benefits out of them. While after a few legal works, many states or countries have made CBD legal.

CBD laws and licensing.

After the government has passed the farm bill in 2018, 13 states have made CBD selling legal. However, there are still many states where CBD selling is illegal and is counted as a high-risk business. To successfully sell CBD online without any hassle is still a dream for some merchants. It’s due to its boundary which the federal has set by not selling it with a proportion of more than 0.3% THC. While further research is still necessary, scientists are doing their due diligence to substantiate the claims that CBD has both preventative and corrective qualities.


The positive aspect of selling CBD products online

In-store selling the products is now a traditional way to deal with it. Selling it online with a proper website is just an amazing way to deal with it hugely. Here are a few benefits in which one go with it:


  • Increasing your revenue capacity:

By going global, you’ll be able to sell to a much larger customer base and sell more by increasing competition. However, you sell globally, there are n numbers o0r competitors in the market which will push your capacity to sell more.


  • Increment in Customer Satisfaction.

The traditional way of working in the market is extinguished due to the huge involvement of E-Commerce which is now way less a good option for the customer to look into your website or store closely without spending merchants energy and time.


Correct product in CBD business to sell.

The majority of CBD Sellers offer CBD oil, capsules beverages, edible and other kinds of CBD products. The primary factor to be focused on is selling items that you know your customers would like. If you are selling CBD  via Shopify or Woocommerce.Make sure to set them up to automatically add taxes, if applicable, to your state. You should also let the customers know which methods are accepted for the payments as well as the frame it takes your order to be processed. There are few products a merchant can go into and sell these online with a good merchant account and a secured payment gateway or a payment processor. Merchant can sell :



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CBD Oil & Tinchers


The most famous way to take CBD is through an oil dropper, called a tincture. This oil can be taken by itself if it’s water, coconut oil, or olive oil-based, or added to beverages like tea, coffee, or kombucha. Many of them sell CBD oils and tinctures because it is easy to produce in huge amounts, which means you can sell them at competitive prices.

Unfortunately, selling CBD oils online is not that easy. You’ll have to build a website that allows customers to enter their dosage information so you know how much CBD oil to sell them.


CBD edibles and beverages

Chocolates, gummies, baked goods, and beverages have become some of the most popular choices for CBD consumption. One of the quickest growing and most popular ways to take CBD is through cannabidiol-infused edibles and CBD beverages.  It’s an easy and affordable way to take CBD oil.


CBD capsules

A common reason for capsules vs. oil is taste.  For some, the taste of CBD or hemp oil is unpleasant and the pills provide a tasteless alternative. The convenience of capsules continues with the quick and regulated amount already preset, meaning there’s no guesswork.


Choosing a Smooth Payment processor for lubricating your business.


After choosing the proper product the next step merchant should take is choosing its payment processor. To sell CBD online one should have a secured merchant account from a high-risk merchant account provider.  High-risk merchant account providers may be able to offer you a CBD merchant account, but keep in mind that they may charge you a higher processing rate due to the risk associated with selling CBD.

Since these merchants run the most high-risk business it’s difficult to find a good merchant account provider. Legalization has helped to ease some of these barriers, but there are still a lot of restrictions and additional precautions required by merchants.


Selling CBD online with a proper website.

To successfully sell CBD online, you’ll need a high-quality website that looks professional and contains pertinent information about your products. it’s also a good idea to have customer testimonials and reviews posted on your site. These can help sell your product and build trust with your customers, as social proof is paramount.

Here are some tips for building an attractive and functional site:


E-Commerce platforms supporting CBD


Although they can be tricky to find, there are eCommerce platforms that support CBD merchants. And if you already have a website with a shopping cart, you can easily integrate our eCommerce merchant services for a smooth transition into selling CBD.


Add a mailing list

Building an email list is one of the best ways to sell CBD online long-term. This is because it allows you to sell CBD products directly to your customers without needing their contact information.


CBD Industry and Market


CBD has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used it for its medicinal properties, but its modern applications have only become popular in recent years. Although it’s widely recognized for its healing properties, CBD is not yet FDA approved. Because of this, there isn’t much medical research on the compound. This makes financial institutions hesitant to facilitate digital commerce for CBD products.

Despite their perceived level of risk by payment processors, there are other ways that merchants can sell CBD products online. However, without a high-risk merchant account provider or E-Commerce platform, you may not be able to sell CBD online.


CBD business marketing.

Marketing CBD products is limited by the fear of having their accounts banned or restricted by major credit processors like PayPal and Stripe. Marketing guidelines make it extremely difficult– and may seem downright impossible–to advertise through conventional channels anyway.  However, there are ways to successfully market your online CBD business.


 Invest in SEO and Marketing Strategies

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) help your customers find you organically without spending money on paid advertising to do so. This strategy typically has a great ROI if done correctly and is something easy to start and grow. With effective SEO, you can avoid having to purchase paid ads and work around Google and Facebook’s compliance standards. People often do their research on companies and their products long before they buy, but what happens if there’s a lack of information to meet their needs?


Valuable words from our team.

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