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Travel Merchant Accounts

Finding a travel merchant account?  You have landed in the right place. Travel merchants in the US & all across the world are successfully using our payment processing solutions to uplift their revenues, minimize costs, and maximize profits

    • Fewer rates. Minimizing your processing fees confidently impacts your profitability.


    • Quick approvals. Fast approvals increase time to market resulting in high sales.
    • All travel merchants Welcomed. Successful payment processing solutions for all sectors of the travel industry.


    • The US and global travel merchant accounts. Getting accepted payments from US and international travelers, High card approval ratios for selected markets all across the globe.


    • Mobile payment app. quickly accepts payments from travelers who choose to pay you with their cell phones.


    • Numerous travel merchant accounts. Add additional processing capacity. Or get independent accounts for each of your aimed markets. The board all accounts for one gateway for high productivity & systematic management.


    • Multicurrency payments. Make it easy for travelers to pay you with fewer worries about currency conversion. Accept payments in almost 156 currencies. Getting settlements in 25 major world currencies that are the best thing you can do.


    • High capacity travel merchant accounts. Get the processing power you need to be in charge & expand your business.


    • Various payment options. Accept credit & debit cards. Add e-checks for many sales from US travelers. Specify “in-country” alternative payment methods referred to by international travelers.


  • Banking-level security. Secure payment gateways reserve your business and your customers with armed encryption for secure data transmission.


Factors Why Travel Merchants Are Declared as High Risk

The foremost reason travel merchants are considered as high risk is chargebacks. Chargebacks take place when a traveler rings their issuing bank to dispute a transaction.


The travel industry has an estimated $25 billion in fraud and chargebacks each year.  For this particular reason, helpful management of chargebacks & fraud is crucial for all travel merchants.

There are three major causes’ banks and processors are anxious about chargebacks from travel merchants.

  • Normal sales tickets are high. Tickets, accommodations, tours, and all other costs associated with a trip can add up. Travelers can seek to defray travel expenses by charging back a transaction even though it was authorized, which is known as “friendly fraud.”

  • Advance purchase. Transportation, lodging, and other expenses associated with a trip are often purchased months in advance. The long period between payment for the trip and the actual travel can cause consumers to cancel when plans change or buyer’s remorse sets in.

  • Industry. Bankruptcies & other failures within the travel industry caused banks to take big losses from chargebacks. Some banks still shy away from boarding travel merchants because of past negative experiences with the industry.

There are excellent tools available to travel merchants to keep chargebacks low.  The travel merchant account gateway includes an extensive array of fraud-fighting weapons.  These can be customized, managed, and controlled by travel merchants to meet changing requirements of various markets.

Travel merchants also benefit from chargeback mitigation and dispute management services.  Chargeback mitigation services alert you when travelers call their card issuing bank to dispute a transaction, allowing you to issue a refund rather than risk a chargeback.  Chargeback dispute management services help you fight the chargebacks that you have the best chance of winning.

Domestic & International Travel Merchant Accounts

The decision of whether to set up a US travel merchant account, international travel merchant account, or a mixture of both depends upon your aimed markets.  Card approval relation are highest when the acquiring bank is situated in the same area as the traveler.

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For example, if majority of the nomads are American, a US travel merchant account will grant you the maximum approval rates on US cards.  If you are focusing on international travelers, it is smart to have an acquiring bank in the same areas as your targeted market so card approval rates in those regions will be on the maximum side.
With the help of International merchant accounts you can save money on processing fees by taking more superiority of lower intra-region interchange for cards processed within the region.  For example, it costs to process a European card through a European bank than via a US bank.  And you drop off foreign exchange expenses.

Travel businesses aiming at both US and international travelers combine the US and international travel merchants.  All accounts can be jumped on a one payment gateway to easy recompilation, reporting, and management of all accounts.
Adding another possible way for the payment methods to cards is a smart route to boost the sales with no additional work.  ACH / checks are the most popular alternative payment generations for Americans.  Giving the payment on your checkout page can give sales “upliftment” of 10-30%, hanging on upon your market.  For international travelers, serving trusted “in-country” payment methods for example local bank transfers will get you more orders.

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How to Request for a Travel Merchant Account

To get approved for a travel merchant account or travel agency merchant account, businesses should consist a payment processing history reflecting a lesser amount of $50K per month.  No beginnings are accepted.
A devoted travel merchant account expert will help you via the application process.  You will be said to handover the details about your company with additional documents.  Information requested may combine processing & bank statements, company history, and identification for the signer on the account.
Permit 3-10 business days for approval of a US travel merchant account.  International travel merchant accounts usually takes around 14-21 business days for sanctioning from the time the completed application file gets in there hand.

Tips and Tricks on Applying for Travel Merchant Accounts

Below stated there are some of the questions promoters generally put on to travel merchants.  Giving this information in your application package helps fast account approval.
What are your measurable steps to stop fraud and chargebacks?
If you’re processing statements throwback low chargebacks, that’s amazing. Give whole information on how you keep fraud & chargebacks in full control. If your chargebacks are coming closer, simply describe the reasons.  Being proactive in observing issues and how you take steps to rectify them shows that you are well educated & talented in balancing your payment processing account.
What are your blue prints to defend in opposite to fraud & chargebacks? 
Let’s take an example, some travel merchants take some less deposit months prior than the travel date and then gives the remainder near to the travel date. Other business competitors send customers an email or ping them just few days before the charge is placed on the card so the payment will be always fresh in their minds.
Do you have a financial collapsing insurance plan?   
A financial collapse insurance plan is not must for an account agreement.  However, if you do have one, it’s appreciable to give the details.
Which industry organizations are you affiliated with?
There is no need to be in the hands of any organization for account approval.  Still, if you do belong, it’s good for your firm in near future as it may support you in many ways.

 Travel & Tour Operators Grab Your Merchant Accounts Here.

Get travel merchant accounts that provide you elasticity and financial safety, permitting you to focus on creating the amazing and fruitful purchasing experience for the travelers.  We aim to assist you to keep your costs minimum while providing you with required online payment processing solutions made to meet your needs.  Quick, next-day settlements are on the fingers of all US travel merchant accounts.

Most payment processors job with only a few banks, constraining your choices. Payment Guru has out-of-the-box banking options available for you.  Make sure you have a huge choice for travel and tour merchant services at the minimum rates.
Payments power profits. Discover top-notch service, dedicated support, and devotion to your complete satisfaction. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation consultation. Call us at + 617-804-0826.