High Risk Merchant Account for CBD & Hemp Oil

High Risk Merchant Account for CBD & Hemp Oil

High Risk Merchant Account for CBD & Hemp Oil


A huge shout out to all the eCommerce merchants who are selling hemp oil and CBD. Are you all looking for an effective way to accept payments?  You’ve landed in the right spot.  Quickly and easily set up a hemp merchant account. And watch your sales grow.
Hemp oil and CBD merchants may know how challenging it is to get or retain card processing accounts.  Although everyone hopes this will get easier over time, the fact is that you need a way to accept payments today.
Few US acquiring banks accept hemp and CBD merchants. Those who do, require high volume processing.  And there’s no assurance that the banks will keep on with processing for the industry.
For example, one central US bank was processing for thousands of CBD and hemp oil merchants.  Then the bank decided not to process for the industry and all the card processing accounts were declined.  Leaving hemp and CBD merchants unable to accept payments
Now, you have an amazing option. Go cradles. And generate more sales.

Hemp Products & CBD E-Commerce Payment Processing

Apart from the card brands avoiding CBD and hemp eCommerce merchants, there is a very big competitive market demand for these products.  Consumers want to purchase from you. They just need an easy route to purchase from your site.
Safe and secure online payments with bank transfers are the best solution.  The payment processing platform was made specifically as a demonstrated payment method for eCommerce merchants. Who find it tough for obtaining card processing accounts. When you give an offer of secure bank transfers on your checkout page, customers happily pay you quickly and easily.  Paying through a bank transfer is as easy as using any different payment method.  And bank transfers are the safest method of online payments.
Bank transfers are the most secure online payment system accessible for eCommerce merchants selling hemp products, CBD. Shoppers pay you through your checkout page without revealing any financial information.
Payments are like cash.  There is no risk of fraud.  And no chargebacks.

Advantages of Secure Online Payments with Bank Transfers for Hemp Oil & CBD Merchants

Many of Americans hunt for CBD, hemp oil, and hemp products every month or day. These are among the most loved products which are sold online.
Shoppers who are visiting your website want to buy from you.  You need a successful way to accept payments. Safest online payments with bank transfers are the answer.

  • Go Card less. The best option for hemp & CBD merchants who find it very tough to get card processing accounts expected to on products being sold. Now you have a very solid US payment processing solution with less risk to you.
  • Most Secure Online Payment Method. Payments are approved in real-time by the customers’ bank. Once approved, the money is assured to you.
  • Privacy for Buyers. Outstanding payment choice for buyers who do not want to give away sensitive payment data when purchasing online.
  • No Chargebacks. Get away from card chargebacks & declines. Delete e-check returns & nullify. Payments are like cash and cannot be charged back.
  • Fast Settlements. Funds get immediately deposited in your bank account in 1-2 days.
  • No Reserves. Release your working capital. No possibility of losing reserves or waiting 6 months to get them back. Get all your money in your pocket with no holdbacks.
  • Unlimited Processing Volume. No restrictions on volumes. The process as much as you want.
  • Protect High-Risk Merchant Accounts. If you do have a card account, safe online payments with bank transfers help decrease card chargebacks & card fraud.
  • Simple Application. Much easier than going for credit card merchant accounts.
  • Fast Approvals. Accounts are approved very quickly. Speed time to market and get more orders just a click away.


Know-How Secure Online Payments Work with Bank Transfers

Secure online payments with a bank transfer are similar to cash transactions.  When buyers permit the purchase, payments are assured to you.Customers pay you via checking or savings accounts without reviling any financial data on your website.  Bank transfers are the only online payment method that permits you real-time authorization and confirmation funds with no risk of fraud or chargebacks.

Secured Payment Gateway

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Rewarding for eCommerce purchases with a bank transfer does not need any enrollment or booking from buyers.  Customers make use of their existing bank accounts for entirely secure online payments.

  • Generally, on your checkout page, buyers opt to pay you through a bank transfer. More than 98% of US banks are merged with the platform. The buyer chooses the bank and is impatiently sent to the bank’s website page to log in.
  • After doing the process of login, buyers quickly see the invoice for the sale to exhibit and click to approve the purchase.
  • After the payment is approved, your customers will automatically divert back to your site where they can see and take a print of the receipt for the sale.
  • You real-time approvals when payment has been made. Since funds are assured, you can attain orders quickly.
  • Funds are sorted out to your business bank account in 1-2 business days.
    Online bank transfers are also called “push payments” reason being customers accelerate the payment to you via their online bank account.  Hemp & CBD merchants are joyfully amazed by the number of buyers. Who want to reward using a bank transfer.  Privacy is assured and no financial data is broadcasted to the online seller. You enlarge trust and pleasure by providing your customers a private & safest way to pay you.  While uplifting your bottom-line profits. Get an edge on your competition.  Add safe online payments with bank transfers to your checkout page. The more options shoppers can reward you, the high sales you make.

    Why Secure Bank Transfers are better than Cards?

    While all sorts of eCommerce businesses can give benefits from the payment option. It’s most advantageous for companies assorted as high risk for card processing. These consists of hemp oil and CBD merchants who have challenges in getting or retaining card processing accounts.

    High-risk merchants who are selling CBD, hemp oil, and hemp products routinely have fewer chargebacks. Buyers need products. Until now, card processing accounts are still a tough task to get.

    You have to have an option to accept payments on your website so to have a good business that leads to great success. Safe online payments with bank shifts give your customers a reliable payment method to buy from you.

    Bank transfers are the safest online payment available. Permitting customers to purchase from you without exposing card or bank account data.

    Secure Online Payments Boost Sales, Remove Fraud, and Preserve Buyers

    With more than 50% of the share. Online shoppers are very much worried about their privacy or ID theft when purchasing from eCommerce sites.  Many online shoppers are not much open to revealing their fragile payment data when doing e-commerce acquisitions. Their terrors are explained by undisturbed news reports about the burglary of sensitive financial information data created by data breaches or technical faults at retailers. E-Commerce sites, government agencies, and institutions.
    Securing online payments with bank transfers lessens the shoppers’ trouble with buying online.  Bank transfers are an extremely safe payment method that does not need any exposure to personal financial data.  Security and privacy for internet purchases are always guaranteed.
    Secure online payments with bank transfers are authentic through the buyer’s bank in real-time. The bank verifies the recognition of the customer and verifies there is sufficient money in the bank to remunerate for the purchase before permitting the sale.
    There is no cheating with secure online bank transfers. Chargebacks do not happen. And payment for the purchased products is assured.
    As a present, safe online payments with bank transfers decrease shopping cart abandonment. Checkout carts are regularly abandoned at the place when consumers have to feed card or bank account information.
    With secure online payments with bank transfers. Shoppers pay you without revealing any financial details. When shoppers feel secure at checkout. Trust is habitual. Customer pleasure is increased. Developing in more sales & profits for you.

    Know the Process of Applying for Secure Online Payments with Bank Transfers

    Appealing for safe online payments along bank transfers is much easier than applying for a high-risk credit card merchant account. The application is very easy and is less time taking to finish. Approaches are conveyed to you automatically via secure servers.  Account approvals generally take fewer days.
    When your decision is firm to move a step ahead, application paperwork is mailed to you timely. You finish the application form electronically and give them a few supporting documents. Far fewer documents than essential by high-risk credit card processors.
    Supporting documents may include an Invalid check from the bank where you want agreements placed. A color copy of your driver’s license; and company emergence documents such as Articles of Incorporation / LLC. The combination to your checkout page is uncomplicated. Hemp & CBD merchants can take the upper hand on plug-ins to pace time to market.  Companies processing over $100K per month are always welcome to use a simple-to-install API.

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    Why You Should Choose National ACH for Secure Online Payment Processing?

    For over many years, merchants who have been considered high-risk are a part of our family and are using our services to process online payments.  The company gives them a huge diversity of payment methods. With high-risk credit card processing, ACH, high-risk check processing, and eCommerce bank transfers as well.
    By including safe online payments along with the bank transfers to your checkout page, you immediately maximize your sales, secure your customers, and boost your profits.
    Here are the major advantages.

    • Guaranteed Funds. Once payments are approved by customers payments to you are promised. Secure bank transfers are sort of cash.
    • Rapid Settlements. Pushing the cash flow. Funds are resolved to your bank account within 1-2 business days.
    • Real-Time Authorization. Ecommerce shoppers ask for instant delivery. Now you can assure their necessities by shipping products right after the purchase.
    • Most Secure Way to Pay Online. An outstanding method to gain customer trust when buying from you, Shoppers buy without exposing any fragile card or bank details. Privacy is made sure.
    • Easy to Use. Registration is not necessary. Rewarding with a bank transfer online is as quick and very simple as any different payment method. Yet much better than any other form of online payments.
    • Bank Security Protects Against Fraud. Your profits should be protected by eliminating fraud. When customers remunerate through a bank account with local bank transfers, chargebacks curtaining do not take place. No cybercrime. No “friendly fraud”.  Payments are guaranteed to you with 100% surety.
    • New sales. Get orders from shoppers who do not want to reveal banking or card details when purchasing from an eCommerce merchant.
    • Plug-ins. WordPress / Woo-Commerce / Shopify. Super-fast execution to help you beg more orders as fast as possible.
    • API. A great choice for high-volume merchants that choose face-to-face integration to eCommerce websites.